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The far Eastern Kawa village, known for being the sacred hometown of Pandas, is where lives Akai, a clumsy panda who loved eating, relaxing and rolling around, but also dreamt of becoming a mighty warrior. Being a little too fat, even for panda standards, Akai had to suffer the constant teasing of his friends and the discouragement of his parents, telling him to give up on his dreams. However, these comments never fazed Akai. He trained hard, everyday, hoping to achieve his dreams of becoming a respected warrior and soon enough, he attracted the attention of a wandering monk. The monk was deeply impressed by this panda's persistence and determination and decided to teach Akai the art of Kung Fu. Under the tutelage of the monk, Akai flourished and he soon mastered the flail, hoping to use it some day, against the best and most revered fighters in the world. He had finally outshone everyone who had disagreed with him and was ready to shine on the battle stage and prove that, he too was a worthy member of the martial arts world.

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