Mobile Legends In MOBA, players can use Devil Shoes, Wizard Boots, Quick Boots, Fast Boots, Weird Boots, Magical Shoes, Durable Boots, Warrior Boots, Lightning Cop, Durance’s Necklace, Spirit Scroll, Snow Stick, Glowing Scepter, Feather of Paradise, Sword of Justice, Magical Talisman, Clock of Fate, Disaster Wires, Sacred Crystal, Concentrated Energy, Ice Queen’s Wand, Blood Wings, Mortal Time, Thunder Belt, Judge Ice, Cursed Helmet, Seer, Ancient Armor , Sky Guardian Helmet, Twilight Armor, Wild Power Armor, Immortality, Athena’s Shield, Wings of the Apocalypse, Sword Armor, Wall of Courage, Wind of Nature, Sword Ax, Red Phantom, Gold Squad, 7 Sword of the Sea, Despair Sword, Distortion Scythe , Deadly Sword, Rose Gold Meteor, Monster Hunter Sword, Hunter Strike, Scary Laughter, Wild S quest 12 Item , including your Rage, Endless War, Storm and Claws of Haas > is available. You can click on a required Item to use them with which heroes you can use most effectively.

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