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Odette Story

To the South of the Moniyan Empire, lies a sapphire like speck amidst the Misty mountains. It is in fact, that the Swan Lake is named after the beautiful yet authoritative Swan Castle, which lies on the lake’s shores. Many years ago, the Regina family fled from the Empires capital to the lake, in order to escape political conflicts and erected a beautifu Swan-like castle. According to legends, when, Odette, the thirteenth generation scion was born, swans flocked to the castle to pay their respects. Princess Odette is said to have a contagious smile, leading people to say that she was a goddess in human form. In order to match the praise that people have piled on her, Odette mastered the most difficult and purest of noble magics, which have been taught and followed by the nobles in Swan Castle. Despite being universally admired, Odette had been lonely at heart until chance brought her to Lancelot, a brave but arrogant knight, whose wounds had led him to faint on alongshore. Odette, who had always been gentle in heart, rescued him from the brinks of death and brought him to the Swan Castle for medical urgencies. During Lancelot’s recovery, the two developed a deep unconditional love for each other.

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