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The Paxley family is one of the most powerful, proud and prestigious magic families in the Land of Dawn, and each of it's member is raised to become a mage of the finest order. In their eyes, the path of the magician is the most sacred and noble vocation there is, and all those who brandish a sword in battle are merely considered as insubstantial weaklings and dim-witted fools. Gusion, however, was determined to break the mold. The patriarch's fourth son, Gusion, exhibited a high affinity towards light elements at a very early age, but rather than spend his days with his nose buried in a book studying spells, Gusion would use his control over light to imbue himself with the speed, to run laps of the family estate in mere minutes, and to enchant old ceremonial swords with powerful magical properties of the Holy light. He always believed that the family elders were incurably stubborn and rebelled against their wishes at every opportunity. Finally, Gusion was given the chance to prove himself, when the time came for him to take the Paxley family's most important test — a rite of passage into adulthood. With Gusion's blistering speed in battle, his opponent was unable to lock onto his position, and with his light-charged blade, he claimed victory before his opponent even had a chance to launch a single spell. The elders were in awe of his incredible form and fighting technique, but with their deep-rooted prejudice against physical combat and their strict adherence to tradition, they could not accept this unorthodoxy and gave Gusion two choices: to either abandon his fighting style or be banished from the family. Facing such adversity and unable to control his rebelliously independent nature, Gusion chose to leave the family. Given his choice, the dark mages of the Elder Council appeared before Gusion, tarnishing him with their lightning magic, and vowing to bring him to justice. However, Gusion only smiled; he considered all this family oath to be nothing but bullshit. In quick succession, he wiped out all the dark mages, giving them not even the slightest moment, to retaliate. He turned to give his family and hometown, one last disgusted look before leaving, convinced that soon the entire Land of Dawn would know his name and understand the true extent of his power. Today, Gusion wields his Holy Blade with ruthless proficiency, dealing series of deadly blows to his enemies, within the blink of an eye. When faced with opponents who also aspired to become great assassins, he would demonstrate much superior fighting techniques than expected.

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