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To the far east of the Land of Dawn, lies the unexplored Land of the Giants, home to Cyclops, a one-eyed dwarf-giant, with a surprisingly tiny frame. As Cyclops grew up, he turned out to be much different from other Giants, not only was he small in proportion, but also was he unique. As such, unlike the other Giants, he couldn't really rely on brute force. However, Cyclops was obsessed with stars and skies since he was little. He would gaze at the skies all day and night and consequently, he discovered the truth, that planets were always under orbital motion. And he also realised that this kind of movements contained unbelievable magical power. With an hourglass to load and control this kind of power, he became the famous 'Starsoul Magician" of his homeland, granting him the ability to travel between space. Planetary motion would never stop, hence making Cyclops extremely powerful and invincible. Unfortunately, this realization made him feel quite lonely. One day, during one of Cyclops's space travels, he arrived at the Land of Dawn and found, much to his surprise, that there were many strong opponents, waiting for him to defeat. Cyclops believed that where he went and what he saw, he would conquer. With the powerful magical powers of planetary motion, by his side, Cyclops ventured into the Land of Dawn, deciding that he'd bring down his name as one of the greatest heroes, that there ever was.

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