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Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil disperses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaela has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land. At the end of the Golden Era, a huge abyssal fissure reappeared on The Land of Dawn, and the power of darkness returned. The night will begin, and the abyss will come again. In order to protect the people of the world, the Lord of Light selected a group of pure girls to give birth to angels for him. In the legend, angels could only be women – therefore, the girls chosen by the Lord of Light could only give birth to girls. Rafaela and Argus were twin siblings who were born in the Moniyan Empire. Their mother was an ignorant girl, but because she accidentally broke into the Temple of the Lord of Light and drank the dew containing the power of the Lord of Light by mistake, she was chosen by the Lord of Light to give birth to angels. It was difficult for the girl to accept the responsibility of nurturing life without her knowledge. She was afraid of this "honor", but had to accept the clerics' advice: give birth to an angel. The process of giving birth to an angel turned out to be longer than she thought. The three-year pregnancy left this helpless girl depressed. She was forced to be separated from her sweetheart and was supported and served in the temple by the Clerics of Light to prepare for her pregnancy. The long periods alone tormented her. Shortly before giving birth, she could no longer bear the pain and fled the temple to find her lover. The woman who had been eyed by the abyss was attacked during her escape. Although the Clerics of Light arrived right away, she had already been corroded by the abyss. As she lay dying, the woman finally gave birth to an angel, but what shocked everyone was that she gave birth to a boy in addition to a girl. Angels had always only been females, and a woman chosen by the Lord of Light to conceive angels would only give birth to girls. The birth of this boy was unacceptable to the Clerics of Light, and they thought it was a curse from the abyss. What frightened them even more was that this boy also had the power of an angel. Everyone unanimously chose to conceal the fact that the baby boy was born, but allowed Argus and Rafaela to grow up together and receive the same education and training. They could not give up Argus, who was just as powerful, but were also ashamed to admit his existence. People regarded those that had never appeared as aliens and "different". The mediocre fear weirdness, and then use lies to hide their fear. But Rafaela liked his brother, and Argus also loved his sister. Even though the two siblings were treated differently, and even though everyone always warned that Argus could only exist as a shadow, the two remained close. The two siblings, who had been given the same mission, were naturally kind, and as soon as they were old enough to understand, they determined to use their power to help the ordinary people live peaceful and auspicious lives. They were proud of being angels. Time passed, and with their efforts, the name of these two holy angels resounded throughout the Land of Dawn. All humans and angels were surprised at the existence of Argus, but they had to acknowledge the power of the twins. Reputation and compliments came from everywhere, but they were only bestowed upon Rafaela. Even though Argus was as good as Rafaela, even though the twins made great efforts to defend the light, everyone would only ever praise the gentle Rafaela. Argus was a man in the shadows, fighting for the light, but never receiving favor from the light. They were afraid of Argus – the original sin he was born with, and his unpredictable future. In one battle, Argus, who charged ahead bravely despite his sister's dissuasion, determined to pursue the fleeing demons, but was unexpectedly ambushed. When Argus was rescued by Rafaela, everyone condemned him, and Rafaela also blamed her brother for behaving rashly in pursuit of merit. But Argus did not feel aggrieved by this: if Rafaela worked with him in the pursuit, not only could this dark force completely disappear, he would also not fall into crisis. For the first time there was a rift between the two twins, but Argus, who loved his sister, chose to keep quiet and silently bore everyone's accusations. Rafaela also, as always, set her mind on guarding beliefs, ignoring her brother's depression. Gradually, the two began to drift apart. After each battle, Rafaela and Argus would have a huge disagreement over the way they dealt with the remaining demons. Argus insisted that the darkness should be wiped out, but Rafaela insisted that they should be taught with kindness. The evil forces of the demons also often included a group of ordinary humans who believed in the abyss and pursued power. In dealing with these humans' issues, the twins gradually developed misunderstandings and points of dissatisfaction with each other. And this disagreement was also exploited by those with interests. A cunning human named Smigo saw the animosity between the twins. He deliberately became a prisoner of Rafaela, and brewed up a vicious scheme. This weak human cried down in front of Rafaela, complaining bitterly about the threat the abyss posed to him, and repeatedly begged for forgiveness. Rafaela felt pity and wanted to help this poor man. Argus broke out with fierce opposition and insisted on killing Smigo. It turned out that Smigo was always in a place where Rafaela could not see him, and made evil provocations towards Argus. When Rafaela was there, he turned back into a good person. Rafaela could not understand Argus' anger. She thought that through the constant battles, her brother had forgotten the original intentions of the angels. She was saddened by her brother's cruelty and had a violent quarrel with him. In order to protect Smigo, Rafaela accidentally wounded Argus, and Smigo took the opportunity to corrode Argus's wound with evil power. Pure angels suffer thousands of times more than ordinary people when they encounter the corrosion of the abyss. Compared to this pain, Argus was actually more saddened by his sister's distrust. Disappointment and pain caused Argus and Rafaela, who were repressed to the extreme, to sever their relationship and leave each other alone. He was determined to be independent – no longer fighting for anyone, and no longer proud of being an angel. In Smigo's hideous laughter, Rafaela watched Argus's back as he went away. Only then did she finally come to notice how her misunderstandings and neglect of her brother had pushed him further and further away. But the angel had fallen and there was no way back. From then on, Argus had fallen into the abyss, struggling constantly in pain and confusion, and constantly sinking. In the passage of time, Rafaela gradually grew into what she is now. She is a holy angel admired by tens of thousands, an incarnation of light, and a savior of the last days, but she will never be able to face the person closest to her. Time can't go back, and even angels can never look back.

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