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Belerick Story

Legends say, the Ancient Ones of the Land of Dawn trusted mystical creatures with grand tasks. Belerick, a member of the tree nymph, was one such creature. Belerick's heart was filled with nothing but kindness-He absolutely hated conflict. Within his ancient self, Belerick possessed a strong life force that provided resistance against attacks, but also allowed him to reincarnate. Due to his kind nature, wherever there was conflict, Belerick would be there to help the righteous and weak. One day, Belerick believed, he heard the voice of the Ancient Ones guiding him towards the desert. However, upon his arrival, he was met with disaster. The great Minoan empire was left in ruins and the Minoan people and even the Minotaurs were filled with despair. In order to save what was left of the Minoans, Belerick unleashed all his life force to create a beautiful Oasis. The Minoan people were filled with hope once more. Seeing this, Belerick's heart was at peace and he fell into a deep slumber. When he awoke, he was met by Lunox, who was touched by his kindness and decided to travel around the Land of Dawn alongside him. It was on one such trip, that Belerick and Lunox found themselves at the Lunar Temple, the place where the Tree of Life can be found. The Tree of Life endows the elves and gives them strength. It was during this phase that Thamuz and the fire demons tried to burn down the tree of life; Belerick saw the Moon elves lose all hope as they were met with destruction and so decided to sacrifice himself to save the Tree of Life. He successfully protected it, but at the cost of his life. Seeing his unmatchable kindness, nature made sure he was reborn later, though in a new form. Although Belerick could no longer pursue the task bestowed upon him by the Ancient One, he felt no regret- Nothing was more important than life, after all

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