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Harley Story

There lived a famous young magician in the Land of Dawn- Harley, a student of the Lion Academy, located in the Magical City of Grandrock. He was blessed by the Mage Goddess, during his birth and was the star of the Academy, since he was able to learn much quickly and master any magical spell with ease. Kids of his age, often craved for adventure, so when Harley and his friends were once, exploring the jungle in the middle of the night, they overheard the evil conspiracy of an organization called "Dark Wizards". The brave youngsters, decided to stop them. However, first of all, they needed to find the secret base of the Dark Wizards and report it to their headmaster. But during the investigation, Harley, accidentally activated a space portal and teleported to the other side of the Land of Dawn - Scholar City. With the help of the mecha master- Rooney, the brave and energetic boy, Harley and his new partners  Lolita,  Bruno,  Alpha and  Saber returned back to the Magical City and destroyed the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards. With that taken care of, Harley understood the true extent of his magical potential and to improve his magic skills and battle techniques, he started his own adventure in the Land of Dawn.

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