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Johnson, had a hardy constitution like a rock. When he ran through the dome stadium like a heavy truck, the cheers of his fans and girls, burst out loud. He always led his team to lift the champion's trophy and achieved the peak of his life as a super quarterback, with millions of fans around him. However, fortune is always a fickle. One day, a little girl rushed to the road in a sudden, while Johnson was driving his sports car. To avoid hitting the little girl, Johnson drifted his car and crashed severely into a steep cliffside. As a result of the drastic crash and the near-fatal experience, a massive brain haemorrhage was about to take away his life, in just minutes. At that moment, a miracle occurred; he was found among the wreckage of his car, by a group of Eruditio Inventors, who were passing by and they recognized him to be the famous quarterback that he was. Eventually, they brought him to the city of Eruditio and his rapidly declining life sign was saved and revitalized. Dr. Rooney discovered that Johnson's body was an extremely rare specimen that could be integrated with defensive machinery. After Dr. Rooney's treatment, Johnson was miraculously resuscitated. Consequently, he not only just survived from the crash, but also became a new and fantastic type of mechanical human who could transform into to a sports car, when necessary. He was now built like a brick house and the perfect integration between his body and his wrecked car made him one of the strongest defensive unit. With the durability provided by his high-powered windshield, he could bear strong attacks and remain unaffected. This gave Johnson a lot of confidence. Johnson always believed in miracles. As an athlete and as the owner of a mechanical mustang body, he believed that he had always been blessed by miracles. He no longer thinks less of himself, in any field, because of the added strength from his cyborg body and also because he enjoys his current form. Regarding the ability to transform into a sports car, he was thrilled and would consequently drag all his friends into the car, letting them experience the excitement of his fast and furious driving. Johnson remained grateful to Dr. Rooney and under his influence, decided to help Eruditio; Johnson and the City Guards had ever since, been the impenetrable barrier of Eruditio. Whenever the city was attacked or externally damaged by outsider, Johnson would unhesitatingly step the gas, at the first opportunity. He not only tried to protect the city, but was more focused on protecting the City Guards as he could not bear to see them fall. He was willing to fight as the front line of defense, enduring almost all the damge, that the enemies dealt. Ever since his recreation, Johnson was like a brick house on wheels; whenever he rushed by like a truck, his power and velocity were enough to get any bystander, pumped up. However, Johnson's hard body was not only meant for providing him durability. His strikes could also be equally fatal. When provoked in battle, he would take his allies in his car and race towards his enemies. Some said that the sound of Johnson starting up his sports car was like the sound of a battle horn, meant to reveal their counter-attack.

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