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Hilda Story

In the Megalith Wasteland, there’s nothing in sight except giant rocks and a few shrubs. This is where Hilda and her clan lived, in this sterile wilderness. Since the soil is extremely infertile, everyone in the clan is needed to be an expert in hunting, in order to find precious meat for survival. Since Hilda was born with extraordinary strength, she quickly became the leader of the hunting team, bringing her clan abundant meat, year after year. However, an unknown force caused the animals in the land to become extremely wild and eventually uncontrollable. Hunting became harder and harder and finally, the wild animals, even started actively attacking the clans. Many of the clan members were killed, and the great priest among the clan, also prophesied that a great darkness would destroy the lands. Hilda, carrying the hope of her clan, set out into the Land of Dawn to find new habitation for her clan. She became a mercenary travelling around the world, and because of her rich experience, she became a much-trusted warrior to her clanmates.

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