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Chou Story

Chou was born in a remote, small slumdog in Antoinerei, living a life of the lowest quality. Even then, the tough living environment had never worn away the kindness in Chou's heart. He cared for elders and minors in the slum, with passion. However, with the rise of turmoil and instability in the Land of Dawn, the situation outside had eventually impacted this isolated slum. On an occasion, Chou saved an old monk who was being chased by a mob. He brought him back to the slum and looked after him. In return, the old monk imparted the ancient Asian Kung-Fu skill to Chou and told him that the world needed a real hero to stand up and end the turmoils. After finishing his apprenticeship, Chou swore before the old monk that he would become a real hero. Then, he started his journey to the center of the Land of Dawn without even looking back once. Towards Chou's distant silhouette, the old monk nodded, and drifted away. Since Chou set foot on the Land of Dawn, he found this land to be filled with the strong. He soon made a lot of enemies, because of his youth and recklessness, but he also made some friends. One of them, being Lancelot, who always said that Chou had the worst taste in clothing. After his constant complains, Chou finally changed his outfit to a totally different style. Thrilled about his new style, Chou ventured further into the Land of Dawn, aiming to eradicate suffering.

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