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If belief could bring love, hope, and salvation to the world, then how come there are still hurt souls lingering about? - It's a saying carved on the stela of the Monastery of Light in the Moniyan Empire. Deep in the Monastery stands an iron cage, called the door to rebirth. Within this cage, hides the dark and secret history of the Empire. When the guards opened the lock, all they could see were startling sentences written on the wall: Break the BELIEF! It's time to pay ten years off. The world should be enshrouded in darkness! Suddenly the cryptic news went around the Moniyan Empire - Terizla had escaped! Feeling reborn, Terizla stopped walking and took a deep breath of fresh air; enjoying freedom while his eyes remained closed. Suddenly, his body began to hurt as if he were being punched by thousands of needles, and his veins began to bulge around his eyes. His skin turned pale. There were only two emotions he could feel at that time, pain and rage. Half-conscious, he lost control of his action. He accidentally saw his devastated face in a lake and old memories came flooding back into his head - it was indeed, a disaster. Terizla was once the leader of the smiths, in a small village near the Moniyan Empire. They could insert life into swords; thus, with the help of these powerful weapons, even a common soldier could slay some of the strongest enemies. Soon, they received good graces from the Empire. The emperor sent out envoys under the name of Belief in the Lord of Light. The emperor asked the smiths to surrender to the Empire, mimicking the tradition of instruction passed down through thousand generations. Terizla kindly refused to them. Baffled by his decision and repeated refusal to surrender, the Empire paid them a visit with a blood surprise. All their blueprints were robbed, and all the smiths were wiped from history. Terizla was captured in the Monastery of Light and was forced to endure many experiments. He was suffering mostly from the experiment - Rebirth, which made the death of the other smiths seemed appealing. His memories kept being cleared, but Terizla knew that someday the Empire would pay for what they had done. He would have continued to rot and suffer within the chains of his prison cage, if Alice, the Queen of the Abyss hadn't shown up. Knocking out all the guards with her dark magic and tempting Terizla to join sides with the Abyss, she freed Terizla off his suffering, reminding him, that he now owed a great debt to the forces of evil. Consumed by rage and misery, Terizla felt once again, that his head would break apart, any time. Suddenly, he was surrounded by a warm feeling, and a cute girl, a dark elf perhaps, was standing in front of him. "Don't fight it. Let the hatred spread and explode in this land! if you need any help, remember me - Abyssal Witch". His body no longer hurt. Terizla calmed down, confused and pensive. After a while, Terizla showed a hint of a smile. He decided to join the forces of the Abyss and alongside side the Queen of Apocalypse, he would serve his vengeance. Staring at the Moniyan Empire far away, he knew that the real danger for the Empire was just about to arrive. He knew that he would burn the fire for his revenge and that fire would consume the entire Moniyan Empire in ashes.

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