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Lolita Story

Lolita was born in a distant elven village, living a happy, but uneventful life. That is, until war brought an end to those peaceful, safe days. Her whole village was destroyed in the war, her family was completely torn apart. Just as her own life was in grave peril, Dr. Rooney, the master machinist of the City of Scholars, found her when he was passing through and took her back to the Eruditio. To show her gratitude to the city, Lolita joined the City Guard and swore an oath to defend it's honor. Bruno very much admired and understood this young elf maiden's spirit, and so he put in a request with the city scholars for their most advanced tech crystal -- the Noumenon Energy Core -- and bestowed it to Lolita. This powerful energy core endows Lolita's tiny frame with the ability to discharge massive Bursts of force, even allowing her to control a giant mechanical hammer with ease.

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